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Published : Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 10:57 am
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Sarens, global leader and reference in crane rental services, heavy lifting and engineered transport, has announced today its business priorities for its North American operations for the year ahead. Petrochemical, Offshore, Nuclear, Wind or Civil Works (construction), will be some of the key industry areas where the company will focus its business expansion efforts, through its four regional offices located in Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and Wisconsin.
According to Sarens estimations, only 11% of the projects planned for 2020 were postponed for the next few years, and just 6% was reconsidered, although not cancelled. This affected 439 projects valued at 552 billion euros planned for 2020 in the heavy lifting and transport sector worldwide, being the construction sector one of the most affected by the pandemic.

“These numbers showcase the great potential of the international market, despite Covid19, and United States is not an exception, representing a great opportunity to continue growing our business in different strategic industries where Sarens has truly demonstrated, not only its technical capabilities, but its proofed solvency leading important and key projects for society, economic and national development.” Said Grant, Regional Director - North America of Sarens.

With more than 12 years operating in the country, Sarens has undertaken several important projects across USA, one of the most recent, and challenging, ones was the demolition of ‘Goliath Crane’ for the US navy at a Shipyard in Newport News, Virginia. The 32400 Crane had a span of 134m, a hook height of 50.5m, and a lifting capacity of 300T with an estimated weight of 2,200T. The work presented different challenges such as onsite restrictions due to the “Top Secret” content of aircraft carriers and submarines; or mandatory background check for any employee; on top of the ‘standard’ technical ones, but in the end, the demolition of the crane was accomplished smoothly on time.

The importance of the Offshore
One of the main focus of the American business growth strategy has been set towards the Offshore wind farms in the North East coast of the country, where Sarens owns a deep expertise. In fact, Sarens, has installed the first windfarm in the world with turbines developed especially for Offshore, the Thornton Bank phase I in Belgium. Six turbines which already in 2008 produced a power of 5MW each, at that time already surpassing today’s mainstream onshore wind turbine.

According to World Forum Offshore Wind, the technical potential for floating wind power is around 7.000 GW for Europe, the US, and Japan combined, hence, developing this sector in the country represents an strategic move, and technically speaking, the Sarens equipment is not at all close to its limits for lifting and transporting wind turbines or foundations. In Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Civil constructions Sarens has been handling 300% and even more heavier loads since decades, compared to today’s biggest Offshore Wind turbine foundation.

Wisconsin and Nuclear
Another significant shift for Sarens’ business goals has been the opening of a new office in Wisconsin, in order to be centrally placed to Nuclear Power Plants, where Sarens owns a large and proofed experience, after participating in the construction of a dozen of new nuclear power plants, including United Kingdom’s Hinkley Point C, which it is the first nuclear power plant in UK in 30 years; as well as the maintenance and optimization of more than a hundred.

Sarens plays a key role in the construction of this plant, participating in it with the giant SGC-250 crane, the world's largest crane, also known as 'Big Carl', with a load capacity of more than 5,000 tons. ‘Big Carl’ is in charge of lifting and placing the critical elements of the Hinkley Point C plant, such as steam generators, the reactor vessel, the dome and the turbines, something only possible thanks to the existence of these cranes.

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