Ronn Perea Releases ‘Elsie and Elsa’ - a Special Novel for History Buffs

Published : Thursday, April 14, 2022, 12:09 pm
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Ronn Perea releases a historical fiction, ‘Elsie and Elsa’, for readers who love historical fiction.

Author Ronn Perea has released his latest novel, a historical fiction aimed at history from the ’40s to the ’70s. Anyone who enjoys tales about extraterrestrials, entertainment, and espionage will love the story of Elsie and Elsa as Rosie the Riveters.

During the mid-20th century, many historical events occured. These events shaped the lives of many families. The story of WWII Rosie, The Riveters, throws light on those events and the people that changed the course of history.

Author Ronn Perea has crafted a novel that adds actual history to fiction. The book is about two young girlfriends graduating high school in the 1940s. Throughout their lives and growing years, they find themselves surrounded by international historical events in the great American Southwest.

The book also has actual historical events with ties to the American Southwest. The author has recalled the events in a gripping manner and style about WWII secret prisoner of war camps, the atomic bomb espionage, the embryonic birth of technology, the Pope, the President, movie stars, celebrities, and a future rock-n-roll sex god.

However, the central story revolves around the life-shaping relationship developing between two high-school girls, Elsie and Elsa. In the book, Elsie and Elsa have fun with history as the girls and their family experience chance meetings with key personalities from the past.

Ronn Perea’s simple writing style makes his novel accessible to most readers. They identify with it and make a connection with the characters instantly. He has a way of making the past come alive. His rendering of what life was like during WWII and after is an example of how he keeps the readers hooked. They follow the families through their tough times and also live with them through their tragedies and success.

[About the Author]

Ronn Perea’s latest novel, Elsie and Elsa, is a gripping historical fiction for southwest history enthusiasts who are passionate about the three Es, namely extraterrestrials, entertainment, and espionage. His previous novels were written when he was in a theatrical stage production with his propensity for Tango dancing and world-traveling adventures. This novel reveals his historian side and his lifelong passion for history. In this novel, he takes his fans where they never historically imagined going before.

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