A new round for one of Europe’s biggest innovation challenges in energy and climate

Published : Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 9:28 pm
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Startup 4 Climate, one of Europe’s biggest innovation challenges in energy and climate, is back for another round after last year’s record season. The 2021 edition saw a record number of submissions from young companies with novel ideas for realising the energy transition as well as creating a positive effect on the climate. 2 million SEK are once more up for grabs and the expert jury looks forward to digging into even more innovations for the energy transition.

The winners of the 2021 edition, Stockholm-based Flower (fka Krafthem) and Ligna Energy from Norrköping, shared a total of 2 million SEK for their innovative ideas in power grid flexibility and bio-based batteries. Since then, things have taken off for both companies. Increased market recognition, turnover, and multi-million investments are clear signs of the massive interest in new solutions that can help us reduce emissions, electrify societies, and drive a sustainable energy development.

– In a time, burdened by a grotesque war in our vicinity and an accelerating climate crisis, this optimistic competition that promotes innovation as a solution is more important than ever. Startup 4 Climate highlights people, companies, and ideas that promote a development we all want, says Maria Erdmann, CEO of GodEl and co-founder of Startup 4 Climate.

- Seeking Swedish startups

The challenge is open for Swedish startups and aims to find, promote, and support entrepreneurs that have developed innovations with the capacity to accelerate the energy transition. This can be through products or services that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, or create sustainable behaviour changes.

–While benefits to the climate and energy systems are core elements, innovative thinking, creativity, and scalability are equally important to us. Last year’s finalists brought an amazing mix of down-to-earth innovations, engagement, and unique inventions, says Johan Lindehag, CEO of Ellevio and one of the founders of Startup 4 Climate.

About the challenge and the jury: Startup 4 Climate 2022 opens for submissions on May 10th. Deadline for participation is August 21st, followed by the people’s vote, a pitch event, and lastly, the crowning of this year’s winners during the UN Climate Change Conference COP27 on November 17th.

The expert jury consists of: Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Prof. & Dir. Energy Platform KTH Stefan Krook, Serial entrepreneur and founder of GodEl Johan Lindehag, CEO Ellevio Johanna Mossberg, VP Biorefinery & Energy RISE Jane Walerud, serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

Startup 4 Climate is one of Europe’s biggest innovation challenges aimed at accelerating the energy transition. The best ideas with a high potential for creating a positive impact on the climate win. The challenge is founded by Ellevio and GodEl and supported by the innovation hub Things and the network We Don’t Have Time.

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