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Published : Thursday, May 26, 2022, 11:26 am
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NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, announces today the latest in its innovative portfolio, CaptureCast; a ground-breaking multi-input recording and live streaming technology to drive active participation, engagement, and experience for remote working, training, onboarding, and more.

The IP-based lecture capture and micro broadcasting system will connect colleagues from boardroom to boardroom, home office to home office, and corporate headquarters to employees all throughout the globe. Easy to implement and fully autonomous, CaptureCast doesn’t require a dedicated operator leaving users more time, effort, and energy to focus on collaborative communication.

- Connect, globally

CaptureCast is the first solution on the market to harness the power of NDI® by connecting camera apps on mobile, software screen capture, and thousands of compatible devices like PTZ cameras. Using NDI, CaptureCast also incorporates direct connection with video communication applications including Microsoft® Teams, Zoom, among others.

The innovative automation inside CaptureCast records any live devices such as cameras, mics, tablets, document cameras, and nearly any digital device offering HD video out, enabling remote participants to interact with video content more dynamically.

With CaptureCast, workplaces can also deliver high quality, impactful videos to streamline onboarding new employees, increase quality of training for current employees and more as the technology automatically records live video and files for on-demand access. Pre-recorded content can be reviewed on replay, or content can be accessed in real-time offering more flexibility to recording sessions and reaching global audiences more easily.

- Stream, seamlessly

Furthermore, CaptureCast takes any live capture and instantaneously replicates it across any streaming platforms to empower remote participants to switch between viewpoints, cameras, or screens to completely personalize, and take control of their video viewing experience.

CaptureCast automates the entire record-stream-enrichment process. It moves between different set-ups for any given class, to a pre-programmed schedule or timetable, and intelligently maps the captured content to common learning or content management systems – all without any input from HR or IT staff. Each set-up can be customized to any style of lecture, speaker, or for totally exceptional and out-of-the-box hybrid working experiences.

“Video is embedded in every area of society and in today’s world anyone can get on camera and connect to an audience. Micro-broadcasting has become a need for corporations to meet the growing need of servicing distance workers, and outfitting rooms for flex/hybrid instructions to deliver an enhanced experience to drive engagement and productivity for the workplace of the future,” states Barbara Spicek, President, and GM, NewTek.

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