[Media Actually] I'll buy your media experience. : ③ The answer is in ‘○○○’ media experience

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Published : Sunday, October 22, 2017, 7:57 pm
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[Special Column] I'll buy your media experience.

① You are already choosing it.
② How much different people are we experiencing?
③ The answer is in '○○○' media experience.


In the previous chapters 1 and 2, it is checked that people are more likely to be influenced by other people's media use, that is media experience, than we 'thought'. Based on this, media companies now need to worry about what experience they will make people to have, (if the experience is positive) how the experience can be shared with others from a one-dimensional approach considering how to make people see the specific content.

Then, what experience will they make users to have? Listening to the stories of various marketing and brand strategists, the current media market is confusion. New players are constantly emerging, various types of content are pouring, but on the other hand, they are rapidly being reorganized by some media companies. And they suggest '○○○' as the way to go in this situation. In the meantime, various keywords have been proposed in this blank. Recently, 'mobile first/only' has been selected the most.

Ironically, one of the most common mistakes that media companies make is to try to find words that are right here. It is true that the media market is rapidly changing, but the change is not the same for all producers and distributors. The location and situation of each company are different, and above all, the users are different from each other. ‘Mobile only’ is not an appropriate answer to Baduk(Go) TV channel operators.

In other words, the word that media companies should look for is not the word itself but the word that matches them. In this respect, there is no true answer to the title of this article. The important thing is that ○○○ that suits oneself is different for everyone. You have to be sensitive to market changes, but you need to focus more on finding contacts with your original identity. To do so, you should not forget that user analysis is essential. Although we have already seen how significant it is to analyze content users or loyal customers, rather than ordinary users through Netflix, we neglect this part. As I always emphasize, it is impossible to win a competition without user priority and focus.

Especially today is the age when users become part of contents. Content that is not user-friendly is not eye-catching, and requires a fan network that is at least as high as the level of the user's participation. It is necessary not only to look at the current user but also to accompany content experience that the users can continue to watch even they age, that is to share with users’ generation growth.

"I'm Sophia, the content curator. I adding stories to your content experience."

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