HEVC Advance Announces Revised Royalty Rates for Lower-Priced Devices

Published : Tuesday, October 24, 2017, 11:47 am
ACROFAN=Yong-Man Kwon | | SNS
HEVC Advance, today announced that it has added a discounted royalty rate category for lower-priced set-top boxes, surveillance cameras and certain other devices, and simplified its Patent License Agreement (PPL) to reduce costs for licensees.

These discounted royalty rates are the result of HEVC Advance's continuous and active engagement with the marketplace and feedback from our existing and prospective licensees that reducing the cost of licensing for the lower-priced devices in these market segments will speed up their adoption of HEVC/H.265.

The discounted royalty rates apply to devices covered under the Connected Home and Other Devices Category that are sold at or under $40 per unit. Current licensees will be able to execute the new simplified PPL to incorporate the new rate structure.

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