BenQ Shapes the Future of Education With New RP03 Series Smart Boards

Published : Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 5:13 pm
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BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions, today announced the addition of the new 4K Education Premium RP03 Series smart boards to the company's BenQ Board family. Encouraging active participation in class while protecting student and teacher health, the 65", 75", and 86" RP03 interactive models feature one-tap NFC log-in to instantly load lesson materials; interactive teaching tools for more hands-on lessons; germ-resistant screen, pen, and remote; split windows for multitasking; array microphones, 16W speakers, and 16W Dolby Digital Plus surround sound for lesson clarity in class and online; InstaShare wireless screen sharing; and new Eyesafe® technology for reducing blue light emissions. It's also the first display from BenQ to include an air ionizer.

"The classroom holds the future, and it's important that teachers, staff, and students have the tools and the protection to make learning effortless, whether it's happening in person or online," said Bob Wudeck, senior director of business development at BenQ America Corp. "The RP03 BenQ Board is the culmination of our unceasing decade-long pursuit to create a smart board that is natural, effortless, and exciting for teachers and students — and all-around healthier. We're excited to add an air ionizer to our already robust suite of health and teaching features for a truly comprehensive touch panel."

Tap and Teach

Teachers never have to waste valuable class time with complex logins with BenQ's Tap and Teach technology. Using NFC card technology, teachers simply tap the card on the display's onboard NFC card reader to immediately access personal cloud storage accounts, such as Google Classroom, Dropbox, and OneDrive, as well as to load personal settings on any BenQ Pro series display in the building. This feature seamlessly integrates with Windows Active Directory or Azure for secure personalization of the display. To start whiteboarding with BenQ's EZWrite 6 whiteboard and annotation application, teachers simply tap on the touch screen with the germ-resistant pen.

More Than a Whiteboard

Teachers can use their RP03 smart board like a whiteboard, display, computer, and wireless screen-sharing system thanks to BenQ's license-free EZWrite 6 software. It's packed with classroom tools for all subjects, including timers, ruler, protractor, compass, and more. EZWrite 6 also lets educators save whiteboard sessions on the cloud, allowing them to continue giving lessons at a later time or for students to access on any device and refer to later. They can also open documents and image files directly on the whiteboard to facilitate discussions. To complement the experience, the split-screen windows function enables multiple applications to be opened side by side — no need to tap between content — making it even easier to conduct lessons and further comprehension.

Defend Against the Spread of Germs and Protect Eyes

BenQ is leading the charge in healthier classrooms. The RP03 models include BenQ's ClassroomCare® germ-resistant screens, pens, and remote, making BenQ the only smart board manufacturer working to reduce surface transmission. The touch-screen, buttons and front ports are made with a proprietary, TÜV-certified formula that is 99.9% effective against common germs. It's also the first BenQ Board with a built-in air ionizer. Additionally, it includes BenQ's new Eyesafe® technology to reduce blue light emissions and, when paired with the screen's anti-glare and flicker-free technologies, create a more comfortable classroom viewing experience.

Ready for IT Administrators

Finally, as more schools add smart displays to their inventory of digital devices, BenQ has made it easier for IT staff to configure, monitor, and manage them. The BenQ Board benefits from BenQ's X-Sign Broadcast software, which turns any BenQ smart board in the school into signage and allows schools to keep everyone informed and up to date on events, safety protocols, and emergencies. IT staff have access to at-a-glance device analytics for any BenQ display using the included AMS software. They can easily monitor and analyze the status of all the BenQ devices on a single dashboard, including managing displays, apps, and OTA updates remotely for maximum convenience. For greater ROI, the BenQ Board RP03 Series is IP5X-certified to ensure that the panel will deliver consistent operation, even in dust-prone environments.

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