H2O signs deal with Alpensia Resort operating InterContinental Hotels Group(IHG) for DT

Published : Saturday, November 5, 2022, 5:39 pm
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Asia’s top-ranking tech-based hospitality management company, H2O Hospitality (H2O, Representative: John Lee), provides hotel operation digital transformation solutions to Alpensia Resort, which has an operating agreement with InterContinental Hotels Group(IHG) for the first time in Korea.

H2O plans to improve Alpensia Resort’s operational efficiency and guest service quality through in-house developed digital solutions. Starting in December, Alpensia Resort will handle integrated management of reservation information from both online and offline sales channels by applying H2O Hospitality’s Central Reservation System (CRS) and adopting smart check-in services through the Room Management System (RMS).

In particular, the smart check-in system that will be applied to a total of 871 rooms eliminates inconveniences experienced by guests from having to wait at the front desk for check-in. Guests can enter check-in information on the web without visiting the front desk, and directly complete check-in and check-out through a link that is sent via a text message and other means.

Alpensia Resort said, “We expect to digitalize our overall operation systems and provide our guests with better services through this contract, thereby enhancing guest convenience and satisfaction.”

H2O currently manages 40,000 rooms and to enable smooth adoption of H2O Hospitality services by major global hotel chains, H2O became the first in Asia in March to connect its accommodation and leisure digital transformation operation system, which is its key service, to the world’s top-ranking OPERA Property Management System (PMS).

CEO John Lee of H2O said, “H2O’s top competitiveness is its perfect smart mobile check-in and check-out service without downloading an application that completely eliminates the need to visit the front desk or kiosk. In particular, the connection of our system to OPERA, which enjoys the highest global PMS market share, has enabled the smooth adoption of H2O Hospitality services by large hotels and resorts, which cannot hastily change their operating systems.”

Alpensia Resort, which will begin to use H2O’s digital transformation operation service in December, runs accommodation facilities with 871 rooms based on an agreement with the IHG Brand, a global hotel group. It is a global resort that also consists of a golf course, convention center, waterpark, ski resort, and Alpine coaster.

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