Media Conference for Ericsson Innovation Seminar ‘Innovation for Aging Society’

Published : Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 7:57 pm
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On October 31st, Ericsson-LG held a demonstration program for press conferences and media briefings before holding Ericsson Innovation Seminar on the theme of "Innovation for Aging Society" at the Meritz Tower in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

At the conference, various possibilities and examples of innovation that Ericsson brings together in the company-wide level of ICT competence, in preparation for the aging society that will face the world including Korea.

Patrick Johansson, CEO of Ericsson-LG, said, “We expect ICT to play an important role in entering into an aging society that our society will soon face and solving the social and economic problems caused by it. Through today’s conference, I would like to promote the various innovative cases of Ericsson not only in Sweden but also in various countries. Also, we would like to make an opportunity to solve social problems through ICT in Korea.” He expected, “The introduction of 5G will be a platform for innovation that will lead to collaboration between government, academia, and various industries.”

▲ Patrick Johansson, CEO of Ericsson-LG

▲ Perter Marshall, Executive Chef of Ericsson King’s College 5G

▲ Erik Josefsson, Executive Chef of Ericsson IoT

CEO Patrick Johansson has introduced key indicators of the Republic of Korea that is rapidly facing aging. Moreover, as a measure to solve this problem, he proposed various industrial collaboration and advanced model, which become possible by the spread of 5G mobile communication network. In addition to strengthening welfare services, employment stabilization through job retraining and productivity enhancement was covered as an important theme.

Peter Marshall, Executive Chef of Ericsson King’s College 5G, Ericsson presented 'Intelligent Helper Service for the Elderly' to make the life of the elderly more secure by utilizing the IoT technology through a session to improve the quality of life of the elderly population. ‘Immersive five senses experience', which shows the possibility of realistic experience and comfortable lifelong learning with the five senses through realistic virtual reality, has been introduced to the elderly who are limited in moving or learning.

An example of collaboration between industries in preparation for the aging of the working population is also presented. Erik Josefsson, Executive Chef of Ericsson IoT Innovation Business, introduced examples of smart factories based on 5G and IoT that enable robust and sophisticated work without the need for complex communication cables, through a more powerful production intelligence. Especially, in preparation for the decrease of rural labor, the case of using various agricultural robots in Tuscany region of Italy was introduced and attracted much attention of the participants.

On the other hand, following a press conference, a public event held over 3 hours in the afternoon started with the potential of Swedish innovation represented by Ericsson and the introduction of the Nobel Prize dialogue, which was progressed on the previous day, on the theme of 'Age to Come' with the demonstration booth for the experience was run with the announcement. The event was attended by H.E. Anne Höglund, Ambassador of Sweden, and Laura Sprechmann, Deputy CEO of Nobel Media.

▲ Italy Tuscany is proposing a role model of industry innovation throughout the region with 5G-based ICT infrastructure.

▲ The 5G-based infrastructure, which is proud of its speed and latency, is a big contributor to the structure of Smart Factory.

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