ARM Tech Symposia 2017 Press Conference

Published : Thursday, March 8, 2018, 11:36 am
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ARM, a UK semiconductor intellectual property (IP) company, held an ARM Tech Symposia 2017 press conference at InterContinental Seoul COEX Hotel, on November 28th, 2017, and introduced updates including the innovation of Mbed Cloud solution, IoT security and Mobile Display IP.

Innovations of ‘Mbed Cloud’ solution were based on IoT security solutions, presented by Nandan Nayampally, Director of ARM Client Computing Division, and mobile display IP, presented by Roger Barker, Director of Multimedia Product Marketing, ARM Client Division.

▲ Nandan Nayampally, Director of ARM Client Computing Division

▲ ARM has proposed 'PSA' as a security system for its entire IP.

Mbed Cloud's device management capabilities are expanded. With the introduction of Mbed Edge, Mbed Cloud is now able to mount, control and manage devices via IoT gateway.

As a bridge between local wired and wireless devices and the cloud, Gateway plays a very important role in the IoT network and, in most cases, drives local applications for device control. Failure of the gateway can have a catastrophic effect on local operations, such as a stoppage of production lines or interruption of wind farms. Having the additional functions of Mbed Edge, the Mbed Cloud offers three new features, including Internet Protocol (IP) and legacy-connected device connectivity and management, gateway management and diagnostics, and edge computing.

(1) Protocol translation: Many legacy devices are connected via IP-incompatible communication protocols such as Modbus and BACnet. Mbed Edge converts these protocols to IP, allowing non-IP devices to connect to Mbed Cloud and to manage with other IP-connected devices.

(2) Gateway management: Mbed Edge provides new features to improve resiliency of IoT gateways and minimize damage by downtime. The key features include alarm notification, process, resource, interface management, and detailed diagnostics.

(3) Edge compute: Mbed Edge provides an execution environment for local application, and the gateway computes resources to process its own rules and data. It also minimizes productivity degradation by allowing the gateway to take independent actions when the cloud connection is lost.

▲ Roger Barker, Director of Multimedia Product Marketing, ARM Client Division

▲ MALI-D71, a chip that integrates new technologies to meet recent demand such as HDR and VR

▲ CoreLink MMU-600 chip has emerged to support features such as copyright protection and high performance.

Mbed Edge extends the device management solution of Mbed Cloud to include existing non-IP connected devices. It also allows IoT to be deployed on the edge, provides management function to diagnose problems at the field, and quickly resolve hardware errors. Mbed Edge gives Mbed Cloud customers the opportunity to expand their IoT networks to handle a new range of endpoints, thereby giving them the ability to present new services.

Meanwhile, Arm has an ecosystem of more than 100 billion Arm-based devices shipped as well as the most common computing solutions for IoT, which dramatically expands device management capabilities, enabling consumers to meet their needs for secure IoT device lifecycle management. Arm has been pre-commercialized with selected customers and partners, and now Mbed Cloud is available to all customers and partners. In addition, the protocol conversion feature of Mbed Edge is available as a preview.

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