Final Winner of the 2018 Black Desert Global Costume Design Contest Revealed

Published : Thursday, April 12, 2018, 8:16 am
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Pearl Abyss announced today, the final winner of the 2018 Black Desert Global Costume Design Contest. Congratulations to the talented artist from Thailand who created a remarkable Berserker costume! Thrilling news for Black Desert Online Berserker users, as this winning design will be recreated and implemented in-game in the future. Check out the magnificent design here.

“What started last year as an event that was held only in Korea, has now been held on a global scale,” said Seoyoon Kim, Head of the Black Desert Online Business Division at Pearl Abyss. “We are grateful for the overwhelming love and support from our users all around the world, and we will try our best to include the winning costume in-game as soon as possible.”

The 2018 Black Desert Global Costume Design Contest has been the talk of the town for the past two months since the submissions began in February. Pearl Abyss announced at the start that the ultimate winner will walk away with $10,000, a special in-game title, and the opportunity for their costume to be included in-game. As anticipated, the competition was indeed fierce as countless talented artists from 10 different regions submitted their works of art. In the final round of the contest, the number one design from each region was voted on by Adventurers to determine the ultimate winner. The other nine runner-ups will be receiving $3,000 each and the designs that can be implemented in the game will also be considered for future in-game costumes.

The award ceremony will be held on April 15th in celebration of World Art Day, where the global winner and the regional winners will receive their prize money.

For more details on the award ceremony, go to the website.

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