Goldmund Logos Satya Presentation Hosted by Audio Gallery

Published : Friday, January 29, 2016, 3:38 pm
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On January 28, Audio Gallery held a presentation of ‘Logos Satya,’ a collection of Goldmund’s technologies, at Goldmund Cheongdam flagship store.

Goldmund Cheongdam flagship store where the event was held is the best listening space in domestic that has perfect facilities and environment to appreciate a masterpiece sound. It also has all the products from Goldmund including the most expensive products that were hard to be available due to limits of store’s space.

‘Logos Satya’ is a combination of recent trends such as various audio related technologies, verified at Goldmund flagship model ‘Apologue Anniversary’ in Goldmund Cheongdam flagship store, wireless and modular.

(‘Logos Satya’ is a combination of various audio related technologies verified at Goldmund flagship model ‘Apologue Anniversary’ in Goldmund Cheongdam flagship store, and recent trends such as wireless and modular.)

It serves as a following unit of ‘1N+2N’ model and it is also receiving attention from the audio industry as a model leading to generation cross.

▲ At the center of Goldmund Cheongdam flagship store, ‘Logos Satya’ is ready to be public.

▲ A classic mini concert, able to experience the level of a clear voice, was progressed as a prior event.

‘Logos Satya’ integrated with technologies developed over dozens of decades in Goldmund is a life-style wireless speaker that realizes high-end sound. ‘Satya’ in the product’s name means ‘fact, truth about enlightenment’ comes from Sanskrit, and also includes the meaning of ‘coincide with reality.’

It is a model considered to be showing the structure that one can totally experience Proteus-Leonardo technology by being produced with the same technology of Glodmund’s masterpieces ‘Apologue Anniversary’ and ‘Logos Anata,’ and integration of high technologies such as mechanical-grounding technology.

It is no longer a simple stereo system, but has become an ideal main speaker at concert and even home cinema system. Its strong points are of course thrilled impression and being able to be installed clearly as it is wireless. It is distinctive as it can overdue prejudices that high-end audio is hard and complicated. It is priced at 150 million won which is similar to the price of ‘Logos 1N+2N’ 2015 Goldmund best-selling item.

▲ Audio Gallery representative, Sang-jun Na introduced ‘Logos Satya.’

▲ ‘Logos Satya’ is in fact positioned at the top class as a standard household speaker set.

▲ Front/back design of ‘Logos Satya’

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