Published : Thursday, March 23, 2023, 8:15 am
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SINGAPORE, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Mate Mate, a next-generation, all-natural energy drink is making a splash in the pro-gaming scene, recruiting the premier esports team in Asia, Team SMG and its founder, Asian pop superstar JJ Lin to be its brand ambassadors.

Team SMG fields two divisions in Singapore, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Singapore and their all-female VALORANT team. Both divisions finished top 6 this year in Singapore and APAC respectively and will be competing in their respective leagues next season.

This fruity choice was the pick of the esports team's Singaporean founder, JJ Lin. "As a music producer and avid gamer, I am very excited to discover Mate Mate™, a refreshing energy drink for Team SMG and myself, a timely booster as we prep for the new gaming season and concert tour! By the way, the purple Berry Vitamins flavor is my fave!" he remarked.

These professional gamers would undoubtedly keep their energy and spirits up with their beverage of choice during this contest. Orrin Xu, General Manager of Team SMG said, "It's important for our players to stay energized and refreshed during long hours of matches, and we're thrilled to have Mate Mate™ to help us achieve that for our Singaporean rosters!"

"We especially love Tropical Juice and Pink Hydration flavors too!" referring to two of the four Mate Mate™ flavors. Tropical Juice features a 100% natural blend of pineapple and mango, while Pink Hydration offers an exotic combo of lychee and white peach, with electrolytes for hydration.

Other options include Original, featuring a flavorful and refreshing taste to naturally boost your energy; and Berry Vitamins, a delicious mix of strawberry and raspberry, complemented with B-Vitamin complex for optimum brain function.

Avid gamers and anyone else who needs to recharge from an all-natural, next generation energy drink can find Mate Mate™ online through the company's web store at, or purchase them from Cold Storage® supermarkets, 7-Eleven® convenience stores and Shell® gas stations.

With more than a decade of experience in the beverage business, Mate Mate's co-founders Victor Wang and Wang Zheng (Michele) decided to inject some excitement into the energy drink category with a product that Victor says, "looks cool, tastes great, has a friendly personality, plus it has health benefits."

He added, "All our products are low in sugar and made with natural ingredients, free from preservatives and artificial colours. We are proud to officially be the first energy drink in the world to use the natural ingredient Wellmune, which is clinically proven to strengthen your immune system and improve mental clarity and combat fatigue."

The drink's packaging is easily recognizable as it features a party alien named "M8T3" (pronounced as Mate). According to Wang Zheng (Michele), "We wanted to build a lifestyle full of energy and fun, that's why we created M8T3 to represent a mate by our side, and always there to recharge us."


Developed in Singapore by Victor Wang and Wang Zheng (Michele), Mate Mate™ is an energy drink specially formulated with Mate Tea and other natural ingredients to deliver a mental and physical energy boost for those looking to make the most of their wakeful days and longer nights.

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MATE MATE: the 1st Energy Drink with Wellmune
MATE MATE: the 1st Energy Drink with Wellmune

About Team SMG

Established in 2017, Team SMG is a premier esports organization in Asia with teams in China and Southeast Asia. The team quickly rose to prominence in the esports scene with their triumphant win at the Arena of Valor International Championship.

Co-founded by JJ Lin, one of the biggest acts in Asia, Team SMG sets its sight on the global esports arena.


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