HGH Infrared Systems just manufactured the largest collimator ever built to test very long focal length cameras

Published : Thursday, June 21, 2018, 8:45 pm
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HGH Infrared Systems presents IRCOL600/6000, the largest collimator ever built to test very long focal length IR and visible cameras. The French company developed and manufactured this collimator, which integrates high quality optical parts assembled into an autonomous and robust mechanical structure, in its Igny headquarters close to Paris.

HGH Infrared Systems designs and provides IR test equipment, to universities, research labs, camera manufacturers and test centers around the world. The HGH’s IRCOL collimators series are used for the characterization and the performance validation of visible cameras, night vision cameras, goggles, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR imagers or even laser rangefinders. The company recently manufactured the IRCOL600/6000, a collimator of unprecedented performances, bearing witness to their innovation spirit.

With a true optical aperture of 600 millimeters and a focal length of six meters, the IRCOL600/6000 is designed to test very long focal length visible & infrared systems, through the simulation of spatial frequencies up to 50 cy/mrad, and to assess the most demanding electro-optical systems with the highest resolution. Driven by the INFRATEST software, the IRCOL600/6000 collimator includes a DCN1000 blackbody and an ISV integrating sphere to cover a wavelength range from infrared to visible.

Catherine Barrat, Head of the Test & Measurement department at HGH Infrared Systems, said: “The collimator is made of very high quality optical components, with exceptional sizes and weights: our technical team has successfully completed the challenge of integrating them, conferring excellent optical properties to a rather compact structure. The pioneering spirit of HGH’s team is once again demonstrated in this outstanding achievement in the domain of electro-optical test bench for IR equipment characterization.”

HGH is exhibiting at QIRT (Berlin) next week, where they will showcase a new generation of blackbodies and their advanced electronic controllers. Meet them booth No. 14 for more information.

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