888 Holdings Deploys MaxBill from LogNet Billing for B2B and B2C Billing and Partner Management

Published : Monday, June 25, 2018, 5:25 pm
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LogNet Billing, the provider of Modern Billing solutions for service providers worldwide, today announced that the company has deployed its MaxBill solution to deliver B2B and B2C billing and partner management for 888 Holdings, one of the world’s most popular online gaming operators and solution providers.

888 Holdings maintains a B2C line of business that directly operates a number of prominent online gaming sites under its 888 brand and a B2B business unit through which the company provides turnkey solutions based on its proprietary gaming technology and associated platforms to other operators of online gaming sites.

The MaxBill solution is being used by 888 Holdings for both its B2B and B2C business units to create a standardized framework to streamline and manage its business processes relating to customer and partner management, reconciliation and billing. MaxBill provides 888 Holdings with a unified platform and an essential set of tools to define and manage the unique business relationships the company maintains with its online gaming operator customers and the complex revenue sharing schemes it has with third party content providers.

By supporting any business model with automated processes, MaxBill improves the business agility, security and capacity of 888 Holdings by allowing the company to enter into multilayered business agreements and tiered revenue sharing schemes with its customers and partners. MaxBill also significantly expands the business parameters available and reduce the resources required to support these agreements.

“LogNet Billing and MaxBill have proven experience in the gaming space and we have strong expectations,” stated Andrew Anthony, Director of Finance Project Delivery at 888 Holdings. “By consolidating and streamlining business processes on the MaxBill solution, we are improving the efficiency and security protection of our operation and the way we work with our customers and partners.”

“We are pleased to be expanding in the gaming industry and welcome 888 Holdings as a MaxBill customer” said Kirill Rechter, CEO at LogNet Billing. “888 Holdings has a strong and globally recognized brand for which we are proud to provide our modern and multi-play billing solution.”

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