Porsche Korea Support Children's Dreams through 'Porsche Dream Up' Scholarship Ceremony

Published : Thursday, May 25, 2023, 11:29 am
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Porsche Korea (CEO Holger Gerrmann) announced on 24th that it has awarded this years ‘Porsche Dream Up’ scholarships amounting to a total of 280 million KRW to students in various fields including talents in arts and sports, children no longer subject to social care, and job seeking students with low income.

At the scholarship ceremony, Porsche Korea CEO Holger Gerrmann, ChildFund Korea Vice President Sinhyuk Lim, and 'Dream Up' students were present and received their certificates to mark their journey in achieving their dreams. The ceremony also included vocal and clarinet performances by the newly nominated ‘Dream Up’ beneficiaries.

‘Porsche Dream Up’ is part of Porsche Korea's social contribution campaign ‘Porsche Do Dream’ and was established as the brand’s representative program for the future generation through supporting the dreams of talented children. Over the years, Porsche Korea has helped a total of 188 children with meaningful results.

This year, marking 75 years of Porsche sports cars, Porsche Korea raised its support by 33 percent from the previous year, and further expanded the existing “Dream Up” program and the number of beneficiaries to a total of 75 students.

Through this year’s expansion of the existing program, Porsche Korea will also help children from low-income families to acquire driver's licenses to support their independence and to increase their possibility for employment. In addition, continuing from last year, children who demonstrate outstanding performance will be awarded a special scholarship for them to be able to continue to pursue their dreams in their transition to adulthood.

Porsche Korea CEO Holger Gerrmann stated, “People who turn dreams into reality enrich the world and make the world more colourful. That is why Porsche, celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, is committed on illustrating the stories of various dreamers." He also added, "Porsche Korea sincerely supports the dreams of our ‘Dream Up’ students and is looking forward to their stories that will unfold in the future.”

Meanwhile, Porsche Korea is continuing diverse CSR programs with ChildFund Korea. In addition to 'Porsche Dream Up', Porsche Korea has built indoor gymnasiums through 'Porsche Dream Playground', installed green spaces in schools through the 'Porsche Dream Circle', and created a safe traffic environment for children through the ‘Dream Smart Eye' campaign. Porsche Korea donated a cumulative 5.88 billion KRW through the ‘Do Dream’ campaign in the past 6 years.

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