[Media Actually] The Success of Media Commerce, It's a Failure from the Moment You Worry How to Combine Commerce Elements with the Content

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Published : Friday, August 17, 2018, 12:01 pm
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CJ ENM, which combined CJ E&M and CJ O Shopping, was officially launched in July. CJ ENM has emerged ambitiously under the plan to grow into a world-class convergence content commerce company. As it is a form of merging with CJ E&M by CJ O Shopping’s commerce, as well as a case of the first merging of content companies and commerce company in Korea, interest in the industry is higher than ever. There are both curiosity and concern about what kind of picture they will draw as a pioneer.

The reason for the emergence of a media commerce-based company like CJ ENM is that the boundaries between media and shopping have been broken, and the possibility of a business model that simultaneously supplies content and products has been seen. For instance, sales of 'Yante Hexagon Plate' of Odense, which is CJ O Shopping’s PB brand, increased about 70% in March. With the popularity of the tvN program ‘Youn’s Kitchen 2’, the so-called 'Hexagon Hotteok Dish', which actress Yu-mi Jung put hotteok with ice-cream, was also sold like hot cakes. It is a success story of a typical media commerce that the content brought sales.

In addition, as success stories of various media commerce are continuously appearing, media contents companies are searching for a way to dissolve commerce in a content as naturally as possible. This is because if they interfere with the audience 's right of view and cannot express it naturally, they might be criticized by consumers. It’s no wonder, then, that how and how naturally put commerce in content became the biggest concern of media commerce from a content producer’s position.

However, in fact, the contents of media commerce, which have been regarded as success stories until now, were not successful in a way of melting commerce elements in contents well. It was only a 'method' but not an essence. Programs that have been successful’ with media commerce have focused on the 'life style' that was not covered in the contents so far. It is easy to understand when you think about popular contents in the past. Previously popular entertainment such as ‘2 Days & 1 Night’, ‘Running Man’, and ‘Infinite Challenge’ did not pay much attention to the basic human life. They have evaded the lifestyle by even blocking eating and sleeping. So, when they put the commerce element, it was unnatural and stood out.

On the other hand, when you look at programs such as ‘Three Meals a Day’, ‘Hyori’s Homestay’, and ‘Youn’s Kitchen’, they focus on human’s basics, food, clothing and shelter. They gained huge popularity by showing a variety of different life styles that people have longed to forget or have forgotten. And this can explain the fever of ‘Mukbang (eating show)’, ‘Cookbang (cooking show)’, and ‘Jipbang (house show)’. In other words, although there may be a difference in each program, by shedding new light on the life style, which is the most basic, and newly suggesting it, it becomes possible to get large sympathies from people. Because it deals with the story of a person’s life, it was also suitable to dissolve commercial elements.

Therefore, the worries about media commerce should not be a methodological and non-essential part of how to put commercial elements naturally into content. After going back to the ‘essence of the content’ and focusing on what people see and feel about the content, it must be started with the questions of how to dissolve the story of content in people’s lives and how to show a new life style and further life to people.

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