Published : Tuesday, October 3, 2023, 11:25 pm
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Małgorzata Nowotnik first came on board LOT Polish Airlines from her job as an aircraft handler at Ławica Airport in Poznań. Not only was she taken to the clouds by her desire to travel and meet interesting people, but also by love. In fact, it was at LOT Polish Airlines that Małgorzata met her future husband and captain, Marian Nowotnik. So she spent 15 years working on board the national carrier. When the son of an aviation couple, Piotr, was born, Małgorzata moved on to passenger ground handling.

The profession of flight attendant has enjoyed prestige for years. It is also in great demand – there are sometimes more applicants per job opening than for an elite university. Was this also the case in the 1970s and 1980s? You are welcome to watch.

The “It's who you travel with” campaign echoes the values and heritage of LOT Polish Airlines, hence the airline accentuates the importance of the people who have forged the national carrier’s brand over the years. Polish Airlines LOT has stood for decades as Poland’s flagship and a genuine companion for making travel dreams come true. What LOT represents today – hospitability and safety – is also due to those who created the company years ago.

For this reason, LOT is bringing the profiles of former employees closer to the public, to inspire people to learn about previously unknown tidbits from its history and to travel aboard its fleet

LOT Polish Airlines is a modern carrier connecting Central and Eastern Europe with the rest of the world. LOT’s offer includes direct long-haul flights to airports in the United States, Canada, China, Japan and South Korea. The Polish carrier has been consistently increasing the number of its flights to those destinations, thus strengthening and maintaining its integral position in Central and Eastern Europe. Long haul flights are operated by the Boeing 787 Dreamliners – one of the most advanced wide-body aircraft in the world. The Polish Carrier has been present in the sky since 1929. It’s the world’s 12th oldest airline and one of the most internationally recognisable Polish brands.

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