Review - Allm's Action Game 'CapsuleMon Fight', "A Game with Strategic confrontation of Capsule monsters" (mobile)

Published : Friday, November 9, 2018, 11:57 am
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Allm, which has released popular games such as 'Lunia Z' and 'Kritika', is preparing various games to give new fun with mobile games, ‘CapsuleMon Fight’ will start service in early November 2018.

‘CapsuleMon Fight’ is an action PvP genre game in which the user directly controls characters to enjoy battles against other users, rather than a collective or auto-hunting role-playing game that has been the center of the mobile game market for a long time. Instead of constantly investing time like a role-playing game, the game is played in a way of competing against players from all over the world through ‘Slingshot Battle’ with a simple performed in a short time. In particular, it is not a numeric comparison battle, in which the result is usually determined before the battle, but it is played by battles using timing and strategies that need offense and defense with various combinations of summoners, monsters, and skills. As a result, the game provides fun to continuously enjoy once the user has experienced victory once.

▲ Allm’s ‘CapsuleMon Fight’ will start service in early November 2018.

■ The basic ‘battle’ of ‘CapsuleMon Fight’ uses strategies with offense and defense.

'Slingshot Battle', which is the basis of 'CapsuleMon Fight' play, works in a way that a user exchanges offense and defense with another user, and a user wins when the HP of opponent’s character (summoner) became zero. When the battle begins, two summoners summon four CapsuleMons each, and the attacking user chooses the monster to use, sets the angle and fire the CapsuleMon.

There are largely two kinds of CapsuleMon’s attacks: ‘Hit Action’, which is used when CapsuleMon bumps into the opponent summoner or CapsuleMon with slingshot attack, and ‘Combo Action’, which is used when another ally’s attack is overlapped. At this point, since the damage to the opponent summoner and CapsuleMon are different, a user needs to think carefully about whether to attack the summoner or CapsuleMon depending on the situation.

In addition, each summoner is also protected by a Barrier, which is destroyed when the HP of his CapsuleMons reaches zero. As long as there are no barriers, attack damage is increased, so a user will need a strategy to eliminate the opponent's barriers as soon as possible and to protect his barrier as much as possible.

At the same time, the user can use a skill with mana, which is restored for each turn. It features using multiple skills at once until the available mana. If a user uses this well, he can be a winner in adverse condition by giving huge damage to the opponent summoner by removing several CapsuleMons with combo attacks and skills in the absence of the opponent's barriers.

When the user plays a game and continues to win, the level related to the growth of the summoner and the grade related to the number of victories will gradually increase. Based on these two figures, an opponent for PvP will be optimized, so users can battle against opponents with similar levels. Due to this kind of matching system, one-sided victories or one-sided defeats are hard to experience, which can be a feature of ‘CapsuleMon Fight’.

▲ A user wins when making the opponent’s HP zero by ‘Slingshot Battle’.

■ Growth system of ‘CapsuleMon Fight’ is simplified and excluded billing service.

Among RPG-style mobile games, it is not difficult to see many games that use multiple monsters after raising them require a lot of billing for raising them again after getting the highest grade of monster.

However, 'CapsuleMon Fight' set the growth system to be as simple as possible so that winnings and losses can be determined by user’s control and strategy, excluding growth factors caused by such billings. As a result, users can acquire new CapsuleMons with only the rewards they earn while playing the game, and the growth of CapsuleMons and skills are applied unconditionally when the certain number of the same CapsuleMons and skills are collected.

In addition, there is little burden on the billing system because the growth system is composed that there is no big difficulty in(not too difficult to) growing the monster with the compensations provided in the game. Of course users can raise more levels by choosing more monsters through billing, but they will meet a stronger opponent. Therefore, the victory depends on the user’s strategy.

▲ The growth of CapsuleMon and skill is set as simple as possible.

■ Summoner characters, which are as important as CapsuleMon

In ‘CapsuleMon Fight', CapsuleMon is critical to battles, but the user’s avatar character, summoner, also plays an important role. Since each summoner character has its own skill, this can also be used by the user as a strategy.

At the beginning of the game, users play the tutorial with the male summoner character, ‘Mutant.’ This character has a unique skill that increases the speed of the monster. When they finish the tutorial, they can get the female summoner character ‘Alchemist’, which has a unique skill that can be used for CapsuleMon by making a special potion for recovery and reinforcement.

In addition, the third summoner, ‘Pirates’, which can only be seen as illustrations, will be added through the update, and users' strategy is expected to become more abundant as the number of summoner character increases.

▲ The user’s avatar character, summoner also plays an important role as well as CapsuleMon.

■ It is expected that various contents are scheduled to be added.

'CapsuleMon Fight' is a PvP action game featuring a simple control, a growth system, and a powerful attack through strategy linkage of summoner-CapsuleMon-skill, and it provides differentiated fun from the existing slingshot-style games.

In addition to the 'PvP match' users can enjoy now, Allm will be adding various game modes such as 'AI mode', 'Puzzle' mode and 'Challenge' mode through future updates. It is expected to give great pleasure to users.

In the future, if more game modes and contents are added and the game progresses steadily, 'CapsuleMon Fight' will become popular to users as a pleasant game which takes a short time for learning and takes a long time for focusing on exercising strategies.

▲ As various game modes are planned to be updated, the service in the future is very much expected.

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