Porsche Korea Opens Two New '2023 Porsche Dream Circle' Locations at Schools

Published : Monday, October 30, 2023, 3:37 pm
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Porsche Korea (CEO Holger Gerrmann), with ChildFund Korea and the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, is strengthening environmental education classes to promote the importance of sustainability as part of the ‘Porsche Dream Circle’ project, a school landscape project focusing on environmental education. This year, Porsche Korea collaborated with two schools, Hongeun Elementary School and Yeongbon Elementary School, and donated 220 million KRW to create spaces for students to experience the benefits of sustainability in their daily life’s.

Now in its fourth year, the ‘Porsche Dream Circle’ is part of Porsche Korea’s CSR campaign ‘Porsche Do Dream’. It provides educational spaces for students to enjoy and study in nature and promotes the importance of carbon neutrality and the recycling of resources.

In addition to creating green spaces and installing solar panels, Porsche Korea also offers environmental education classes to enhance students' interest in sustainability.

This year, Porsche Korea launched a public-private partnership with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education to provide more systematic support for the preservation and expansion of green spaces in schools. The partnership provided educational facility consultation, landscape construction model proposals, and emphasized the brand’s sincerity through design workshops with children and teachers to reflect the wishes of those who actually use the Dream Circle.

With the additional projects at Hongeun Elementary School and Yeongbon Elementary School, Porsche Korea has now completed a total of 10 Porsche Dream Circle at different locations nationwide.

On October 27th, Porsche Korea held the completion ceremony of the ‘Porsche Dream Circle’ at Hongeun Elementary School located in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. The completion ceremony was attended by Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea, Hongeun Elementary School Principal Hyun-Ae Cho, ChildFund Director Soo-bong Park, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education authorities Sora Kim, Kyung-hwa Jung, and Min-Kyung Cha, as well as the students of Hongeun Elementary School. A signboard celebrating the ceremony was given and the participants wrote messages to the forest to emphasize the value of sustainability.

The ‘Porsche Dream Circle’ at Hongeun Elementary School, with a total floor area of 199 ㎡ (approx. 57 pyeong) is an eco-friendly ecological learning space with an automatic irrigation system powered by solar energy. It is large enough for a single class to observe the ecology of diverse plants from wildflowers to aquatic plants.

To help students study and learn more about the plants, signposts with QR codes leading to plant introduction websites were installed for quick and easy access.
The other ‘Porsche Dream Circle’ was installed at the YeongbonElementary School located in Dongjak-gu, Seoul. with a total floor area of 195㎡ (approx. 59 pyeong). It used to be an outdoor learning space that had been abandoned due to deteriorating facilities. Located between the main entrance and the school building, students can now relax and experience nature during breaks and after school.

The forest has been planted with various sizes of trees. The colours and scent of plants differ each season, and a small stage was installed for ecology classes and as a creative art space.

Porsche Korea CEO Holger Gerrmann stated, "This year's 'Porsche Dream Circle' has been completed in partnership with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education using the students ideas." He emphasized, "We hope that the ‘Porsche Dream Circle’ inspires students to experience the importance of recycling to safe resources and supports their dream of a sustainable future.”

Porsche Korea launched ‘Porsche Do Dream’ in 2017 and has been continuously carrying out CSR activities that reflect the values of ‘dream’ and ‘passion’ pursued by the brand. Porsche Korea has funded about 5.88 billion KRW through the‘Porsche Do Dream’ campaign.

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