[COMPUTEX 2016] Opening Site of HWBOT Overclocking World Tour 2016 Asia

Published : Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 2:15 pm
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In the morning of May 31, the opening ceremony of ‘HWBOT Overclocking World Tour 2016 Asia’ is held at TWTC Nangang(Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center) in Taipei, Taiwan.

The event is the fifth tour event of HWBOT Overclocking World Tour 2016 hosted by overclocking community, HWBOT, and it is prepared for introducing the start of ‘HWBOT Overcloking World Tour Asia,’ which is a unit event of ‘Computex Taipei 2016.’ HWBOT as well as the local partner company, CyberMedia, and officials of sponsor companies, ZADAK511, Intel, AOC and Seasonic, attended.

Especially, in the opening, Broadwell-E Intel Core i7 6950X that is 10 cores CPU was shown, and after the opening, overclock demo that uses the project is progressed.

In ‘HWBOT Overcloking World Tour Asia,’ through workshops for amateurs and overclocking gathering in bench-party type, as well as a world tour competition for amateur and extreme overclockers, they present pleasure to visitors who are interested in overclocking.

Meanwhile, the competition is broadcasted live via Twitch, which is a streaming service for online games.

▲ The opening of ‘HWBOT Overcloking World Tour Asia’ is progressed.

▲ Players on the extreme level are preparing the competition.

▲ Various overclocking products are displayed all over the exhibition.

▲ The place for introducing sponsors’ products are prepared.

▲ The history of World Tour is introduced.

▲ Frank Soqui, a general manager of Intel, introduces Intel Core i7 6950X.

▲ The officials promise for the successful event.

▲ After the event, the demo of overclock that uses Intel Core i7 6950X is progressed.

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