CSE Token Successfully Listed on OEX Exchange

Published : Friday, December 21, 2018, 4:31 pm
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SINGAPORE, Dec. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CSE SG Pte Ltd ( today announced the listing of CSE token ("CSE") on OEX Exchange in Singapore. CSE trading started at 23:00h on Dec 18th, 2018 (SGT, UTC+8).

Leo Lu, Board Advisor of CSE (left), and Katrina Zhang, CEO of OEX Exchange, officiating the Listing of CSE token on OEX.
Leo Lu, Board Advisor of CSE (left), and Katrina Zhang, CEO of OEX Exchange, officiating the Listing of CSE token on OEX.

With over 50 global development engineers, the Singapore-based tech startup has developed a new generation of Blockchain 3.0 technology with real power of scalability.

CSE has already built a strong network of early adopters in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, etc, across different industries, from agriculture to education, logistics, retail, energy and finance.

Leo Lu, Board Advisor of CSE says: "We are extremely excited at this journey, where in January we are going to have a kickoff where more than 5,000 member can go ahead and showcase why we work together, and really solve problems from a revolutionary standpoint, through blockchain."

Leo adds: "CSE is pleased to list on OEX Exchange where we can share with the community, which generates liquidity, which in turn builds the foundation for CSE to continue to architect the next generation of blockchain 3.0."

Katrina Zhang, CEO of OEX says, "One of our plans for 2019 is to stabilize and strengthen our business in South East Asia region. After that we want to bring OEX to more countries, so that users all over the world know about the OEX brand. As for CSE, we are pleased to partner with them as we find their business model attractive and has the potential for scalability."

Team members of CSE and OEX
Team members of CSE and OEX

To watch the video clip on the Listing ceremony, please click here.


CSE SG is a company established in Singapore. It has developed a proprietary CSE 3.0 technology that creates an improved Blockchain platform with breakthrough features from the application of encryption technology, blockchain foundation, blockchain pool 3.0, smart contract 2.0, artificial intelligence, internet of things, supernode cloud, etc. CSE 3.0 can be applied to the creation of retail payment at very low cost, super fast speed and even with no internet connectivity; applications in traceability of products; encrypting and management of information in medical, financial and other industries. CSE token is listed on OEX Exchange. 

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