Gene Information Fabric and Human Pass Sign Contract to Establish Joint Venture for Construction of Global Gene Platform

Published : Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 2:33 pm
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Starting from the left end of the picture, Young Joon Cho, the CSO of Aston, Dong Soo Kim, the CEO of Gene Information Fabric Corp., Cheol Ho Yum, the President of Gene Information Fabric Corp., Seung Jae Lee, the CEO of Human Pass Corp., Yang Hun Kim, Vice Dean of Industry-University Cooperation Foundation, Chungbuk National University

Dong Soo Kim, the CEO of the GIF, and Seung Jae Lee, the CEO of Human Pass signed the joint venture contract to construct the global gene platform in the grand conference room of the GIF headquarters located at Seocho Gu, Seoul, in January 29th.

GIF (Gene Info Fabric) announced in January 29th that it signed the Joint venture contract with Human pass, the leader of gene analyzation in Korea, to construct the global gene platform.

By constructing the global gene information platform with Human pass through this joint venture contract, GIF plans to establish a safe and free personal gene information distribution, thus leading the domestic and overseas gene industry.

Two corporations aim to establish the environment and system that can distribute genetic information in a large volume through the establishment of this joint venture, and they are planning to form the “GIF Alliance” by inviting various overseas gene companies and research institutions to smoothly conduct the analyzation process of gene information belonging to millions of people.

Gene Info Fabric is the specialized corporation in the analyzation of health information per life cycle stages and gene-based personalized disease control, and it is planning to distribute results of the gene analyzation. It is also planning to reinforce the optimized stability to the personal gene information distribution by establishing the gene information bank system based on the decentralized storage method.

Cheol Ho Yum, the President of Gene Info Fabric, stated: “The market volume related to the global gene big data is expected to be more than 20 times of the volume of the semiconductor market in future, and the potential of this field is massive. By using the blockchain technology, we will establish the platform which enables the thorough health examination, precise estimation, and precise treatment for anyone in the world through direct transaction connection between consumers, world’s leading examination institutions, and laboratories. I wish we could be the corporation which contributes to the promotion of health of human being by establishing the structure of the virtuous cycle that everyone related to this industry such as general public, laboratories, pharmaceutical developers, patients, and health care providers can win-win.

Dong Soo Kim, the CEO of Gene Info Fabric, said: "The joint venture will actively use blockchain technology to safely distribute the genetic information, the most crucial and fundamental data of human race, and I am sure that the distribution of the genetic information will affect modern medical science positively.”

Young Joon Cho, the CSO of Aston Corporation, said that “it is a pleasure to contribute to the global-scale blockchain project with the top professional group in the gene field, and we are planning to cooperate actively to the establishment of the blockchain business platform.”

Seung Jae Lee, the CEO of Human Pass Corporation said that he “wants to create the global ground for personal gene information distribution with the GIF through this joint venture contract,” and he added that he “expects researches that can develop modern medical science even further, such as new diagnosis or the development of new medicine.”

Human Pass Corporation is the company which has been operating in the gene analyzation industry from 2001, and it is the specialized firm for the gene analyzation with differentiated professionalism and long-term experience in the industry. Recently, the HPBIO (gene analysis research institution under Human Pass) secured the core fundamental technology of aptamer (aptamer, the single strand nucleic acid which specifically combined to the target substance by forming a stable three-dimension structure), signing the MOU contract for joint research and development for diagnosis and therapeutic agent through aptamer with Chung Buk National University (Professor Yang Hoon Kim).

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