ClimateHero in new partnership with We Don’t Have Time on climate reporting

Published : Saturday, March 2, 2024, 6:22 pm
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ClimateHero is an innovative provider of tools to reduce carbon emissions. To date, more than one million households have used ClimateHero’s carbon calculator to measure and reduce a total of 2.2 million tonnes of CO2 per year. This equals to permanently removing 1.5 million diesel cars from our roads.

Since 2020, the carbon calculator has also been an integrated part of We Don’t Have Time, the world’s largest media platform for climate action. This has resulted in 22 000 tonnes of carbon reduced by the We Don’t Have Time community.

ClimateHero and We Don’t Have Time are now expanding their partnership by launching a carbon accounting and reporting service for companies.

50,000 companies to report climate impact

The new EU directive for sustainability reporting, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), makes it mandatory for large companies to disclose their climate impact. But this is just the start. In just a few years time, 50,000 companies that have a presence in the EU will have to annually disclose their climate impact.

Small- and medium sized companies, SMEs, are not yet required to report under CSRD, but many will feel obliged to do so anyway. SMEs are usually part of a larger supply chain, and will need to calculate their emissions to be able to continue doing business with larger corporations and compete for new contracts. Carbon accounting will also become a hygiene factor for SMEs to keep customers happy, to recruit new talent, and for public procurement deals.

Giving clients ownership of sustainability data

This is why ClimateHero and We Don’t Have Time are now introducing a one stop-shop for carbon accounting and reporting.

ClimateHero offers companies a high-quality carbon accounting service, in which the accounting is conducted with educational support of professional climate consultants, in a calculation model adapted for the specific business logic of the client. The model gives companies ownership of their climate calculations, and provides them with the opportunity to do the next year’s follow-up in-house.

Included in this offer is a two-year partnership with We Don’t Have Time. This means companies will be able to communicate their sustainability work on the world’s largest media platform for climate solutions, be part of a unique ranking system, and get widespread visibility for their climate action.

A model for increased accuracy

Ingmar Rentzhog is the founder and CEO of We Don’t Have Time. He says:

”We have tried out various ways of measuring our company’s carbon footprint, but none have been satisfactory. Automated cloud services can be cheap and fast, but they are often not detailed enough, and their use of standardized estimates can lead to your company getting a worse climate score on paper than in reality. ClimateHero’s way of calculating a company’s emissions not only results in more accurate numbers, but it also provides an explanation and understanding of the whole entity. This, in turn, will give companies valuable insights on how to further reduce its emissions in the most cost-effective way, while at the same time facilitating next year’s accounting and reporting.”

Robert Sabelström, CEO and founder of ClimateHero, adds:

”We are proud to be able to offer companies an effective and sustainable solution for their climate accounting. Our unique model gives companies ownership of their climate calculations, as well as the opportunity to operate more sustainably, to the benefit of both the climate and the company brand. But in order to drive real change and inspire others to follow, companies also need to communicate their climate progress. Our extended partnership with We Don’t Have Time provides our customers with the perfect solution for this kind of communication.”

Pricing – Carbon accounting and communication

Fixed price - based on the size of the company

-Micro (< 10 employees): 4 500 EUR excl. VAT
and max 2 MEUR turnover

-Small (10-49 employees): 6 000 EUR excl. VAT
and max 15 MEUR turnover

-Medium (50-249 employees): 9 000 EUR excl. VAT
and max 35 MEUR turnover

-Large (250-500 employees): 13 500 EUR excl. VAT
and max 75 MEUR turnover

For even larger organizations or enterprises with complex value chains or corporate structure, a customized offer is made.

The emissions calculation and carbon report become your assets to keep working with (no license fees)

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