Avalue unveils the latest ePaper product - EPD-4200-B1

Published : Wednesday, March 27, 2024, 10:36 pm
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Avalue Technology Inc. (TAIEX: 3479-TW), a professional embedded industrial computer manufacturer, is providing complete smart retail, smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart transportation, and embedded solutions. Avalue launched the latest open-frame architecture e-paper display - EPD-4200-B1, focusing on outdoor signage application market.

- Low power consumption and green technology

Compared with traditional LED displays, ePaper solution has two important features: First, ePaper is very energy-saving and power-saving, consuming almost no power in standby mode, while LED displays consume 85 times more power than ePaper. ePaper is a green product. Second, ePaper has no backlight and does not emit blue light, similar to real paper, and mainly utilizes ambient light, making it clearly readable under sunlight, making it very suitable for medical and outdoor applications.

EPD-4200-B1 is an ePaper monitor needs to work with box PC. With the characteristics of low power consumption and readable under bright light, EPD-4200-B1 can be installed outdoors with a completely waterproof housing design and can be maintained by using solar-power or external battery power bank for power supply, no need to lay new circuit cables and can be quickly set up. Ideal for bus information boards, bus stop signs, route signs, ePaper sign boards, public information boards, and so on.

- Open-frame architecture design, flexibility, and adaptability

The most unique feature of EPD-4200-B1 is the open-frame architecture design, which is suitable for all kinds of embedded applications. It can be perfectly integrated and embedded according to the customer's whole machine design requirements to achieve flexibility, and adaptability.

- Suitable for harsh environments

The EPD-4200-B1 relies on an ambient light source and has the characteristic of being readable in bright light, which is different from the imaging principle of traditional LED displays, so it can still be seen clearly in bright outdoor environments, and if the ambient light source is insufficient, a version with its own backlighting can be used as well. Supporting a display resolution of 2880 x 2160 and an ultra-wide viewing angle of 180 degrees, the EPD-4200-B1 supports wide temperature range of -15°C to +65°C, making it ideal for outdoor use in both high and low temperature climates. The fully waterproof housing and waterproof I/O back, coupled with superior front waterproof IP65 and rear waterproof IP64 ratings, ensure toughness and reliability in outdoor environments. In addition, the entire unit is equipped with a 2.8mm explosion-proof glass cover to make it resistant to accidental damage, which is especially needed for outdoor signage applications to avoid human damage.

- Easy data transmission

EPD-4200-B1 is an ePaper display, which is very suitable for digital signage and bulletin. It can be used to push the updated content to the ePaper display through USB transmission, which is easy and convenient to operate.

The EPD-4200-B1 redefines the standard for outdoor signage applications, providing customers with unparalleled reliability, energy efficiency and performance. The EPD-4200-B1 will be your preferred choice for bus information boards, route signs, or public information boards.

ePaper offers the following advantages:

l Energy-efficient, low power consumption
l 24/7/365 continues to display content even during power outages
l Sunlight readable supported
l No heat source, no heat dissipation problem
l Front IP65 & back IP64 supported and waterproof connector IP65 rating applies to the front light, USB connector, and power connector
l Open frame structure flexible to any chassis

Main features of EPD-4200-B1:

l Outdoor ePaper Display Kit
l 1 USB / 1 12V DC-in as an Extended USB Display
l Front IP65, back IP64, designed for outdoor

More EPD-4200-B1 product detail:

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