Documentary about the Development of the Game MARS 2120 and Updates on the Release

Published : Friday, April 19, 2024, 7:20 pm
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Developer and publisher QUByte Interactive has launched a promotional campaign calling all volunteers for a ‘Mission to Mars’ ahead of the launch of their upcoming game MARS 2120, a modern metroidvania game set on the planet Mars, launching on Steam and consoles. Throughout the game, protagonist Anna "Thirteen" Charlotte must explore the human facilities on the planet to find out what caused a distress signal from the Martian colony. She needs your help! - Enlist here for the Mission to Mars!

This ‘Mission to Mars’ campaign combines fantasy with real science and space exploration, simulating the search for a volunteer crew to board the fictional UNSS-1826 Baumfree spacecraft, the ship in MARS 2120 that takes Sergeant Charlotte to explore the red planet on an adventure filled with danger and discovery.

All players who sign up for the mission via the website will be entered to win digital copies of MARS 2120, as well as items linked to the mission such as official UNSS-1826 Baumfree crew T-shirts and a ship's captain's jacket!

Prize draws will include 24 players who will have their names listed in the credits of the MARS 2120 game as the official UNSS Baumfree crew who valiantly undertook the rescue of the colony on Mars. This crew will also be announced on the developer's social networks along with a special series of posts celebrating humanity's progress in exploring space, the importance of scientific knowledge and, above all, the crucial role of female scientists and explorers throughout the history of space exploration.

The UNSS-1826 Baumfree’s name pays homage to the many achievements and the courage and bravery of real women who have made history. The number and name of the spacecraft are a reference to Sojourner Truth, born Isabella Baumfree, a woman, abolitionist and civil rights activist for African Americans. The number 1826 refers to the year in which Baumfree escaped from slavery and began her journey. Not coincidentally, Sojourner is the name of the first rover to land on Mars in 1997.

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