Minew Announces Credit Card-Sized & Battery-free Asset Tracker Powered by Light

Published : Wednesday, April 24, 2024, 8:02 pm
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Minew, a leader in innovative tracking solutions, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its latest innovation, the battery-free asset tracker, an ultra-thin asset tracker that leverages advanced energy-harvesting technologies. Scheduled for release at the end of the year, this pioneering device, as slim as a credit card, is designed to transform asset management with its self-sustaining and sustainable features.

"Today, we mark a new era in asset tracking with our revolutionary credit card-sized device, unburdened by batteries. It redefines asset monitoring, making it seamless and sustainable.", Shain, Product Director, Minew

The battery-free asset tracker incorporates e-peas energy management IC that efficiently harvests and converts energy from both RF signals and light into usable power, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Complementing this technology, the device integrates Epishine's ultra-thin, flexible, and low-light optimized solar cells, which are specifically designed to maximize energy capture even in low-light conditions.

"Two of Epishine's strengths are the thin flexibility of our solar cells and their high efficiency in very low light conditions. For this type of products, we seem to have a unique product-market fit.", Mattias Josephson, CSO and Co-founder Epishine

This asset tracker offers a hassle-free solution by eliminating the need for battery replacements, thereby reducing waste and operational interruptions. Its real-time tracking capabilities and seamless integration into personal and commercial assets make it ideal for a wide range of applications, from personal valuables to business logistics.

Key Features of the battery-free asset tracker include:

Ultra-Thin Design: Easily fits into wallets or attaches to any asset.
Advanced Energy Harvesting: Utilizes e-peas energy management IC for dual-source energy conversion and Epishine's innovative solar cells for optimal light absorption.
Eco-Friendly: Promotes sustainability with its battery-free technology.
Dependable Tracking: Ensures continuous, real-time location updates.

"This highlights the advantages of our energy harvesting PMIC, designed to seamlessly work with light power, making it ideal for asset tracking. Its ability to efficiently manage and utilize readily available light energy ensures optimal performance for advanced operations, creating a highly flexible and self-powered tracking solution.” Christian Ferrier, CMO of e-peas.

The battery-free asset tracker will be available for purchase in Q4 2024. For more information, please visit or contact

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