Cloudera Held Media Conference on ‘Evolution of Big Data Technology Supporting Machine Learning and Analytics Future & Ethical Use of Data’

Published : Thursday, May 10, 2018, 5:47 pm
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On May 9, Cloudera held a media conference at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, Cloudera Chief Architect Doug Cutting visited Korea, and he talked about the evolution of big data technology that supports machine learning and the analytics future and the resulting ethical use of data. In addition, the officials including Cloudera Korea Branch Manager Kang Hyung-joon and Goodmorning iTech CEO Lee Ju-chan attended the event to announce the partnership with Goodmorning iTech, along with the business results of Cloudera Korea and business goals this year.

A modern platform for machine learning and analysis, Cloudera is optimized for the cloud and has revolutionized the IoT data management and analysis paradigm. Companies that use Apache Hadoop can now collect and store sensor and IoT data without limitations of capacity. They can also apply robust processing and analysis tools to both stored and transmitted data and instantly provide search, query, and visualization to petabytes of data for deriving executable insight information from IoT.

▲ Cloudera Chief Architect Doug Cutting

Introduced about the evolution of big data technology and the ethical use of data, Doug Cutting said, “Cloudera has the belief that data can be used to change ‘impossible’ to ‘possible’. One example is that Cloudera is working with NASA to make astronauts land on Mars, and many believe this is not possible, but we believe that these efforts will soon be possible.”

According to the announcement, Cloudera is an open source technology company, and Cloudera's platform (CDH) is an entirely open-source stack. Its most platforms are being collaborated and developed with various communities. He explained that the open source is now an indispensable part of computing, and that the open source ecosystem will continue to mature and evolve. On the topic of data ethics, Doug Cutting emphasized the need to establish policies on ethical data use and emphasized the importance of trust in how data is managed between organizations and individuals.

Moreover, he explained that it is important for organizations to collect data, along with 4 core principles that prevent data from being exploited, to keep the data usage transparent. The 4 principles are as follows. 1) Adjustment of expectations about how data will be used between organizations and individuals 2) Establishment of best practices for data management 3) Boundary setting 4) Self-regulation

▲ Cloudera has the belief that data can be used to change ‘impossible’ to ‘possible’.

Next, Cloudera recently announced a new business unit that will focus on the company's core businesses: machine learning, analytics and cloud. By adding organizational structure and resources to enhance innovation and accelerate the evolution of the Cloudera product line, the customers can transform complex data into clear and executable insights.

Cloudera Korea has also grown steadily since its establishment in Korea in 2015. As well as securing clients in a large number of domestic companies and diverse industries, the utilization of the Cloudera platform is also diversifying. As machine learning, analytics, data analysis, and cloud come to the fore, the next generation version of Cloudera CDH, the Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW) for data analysis, and Director and Altus for cloud environments are gaining much attention in the market.

CDSW is a secure, self-service enterprise data science platform that accelerates machine learning projects from research to production. This platform enables the data science team to use on-demand computing function to accelerate experiments and provide direct access to the most common open data science packages, including unlimited data.

▲ Cloudera Korea Branch Manager Kang Hyung-joon

▲ Goodmorning iTech CEO Lee Ju-chan
Meanwhile, KakaoBank has introduced Apache Kudu, a Hadoop platform developed to provide various storage technologies in Hadoop and efficiently accommodate various workloads, for real-time analysis. Moreover, as the real-time analysis and analysis platform, Kbank decided to introduce CDH with CDSW, which is regarded as a next-generation data analysis platform for data scientists.

Cloudera Korea has signed a new distribution contract with Goodmorning iTech (GIT) to spur business further this year. Goodmorning iTech will provide Cloudera's main subscription EDH (Enterprise Data Hub) products to various industries with big data consulting, platform and infrastructure construction services based on accumulated technology of existing virtualization-based IT infrastructure and know-how of big data consulting.

Goodmorning iTech CEO Lee Ju-chan said, “Cloudera is the best global vendor to meet the needs of customers in the domestic market with a top-notch solution of the world's largest data market from the big data platform to machine learning and analytics. Beyond the role as a simple reseller and SI partner, GIT has concluded a distribution contract to provide customers with more stable solutions and a high level of technical expertise.”

Cloudera Korea Branch Manager Kang Hyung-joon said, “Cloudera's strengths, which are machine learning and IoT, are making a wave of change for both domestic and Asian companies. Our partnership with Goodmorning iTech will be a very important stepping stone for our journey to simplify IoT, machine learning and analytical solutions and expand into diverse industries. We will work together to create new business models and revenue streams with data, enhance customer experience, and offer great opportunities for companies looking to innovate the industry.”

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