Liverpool FC partner with All Star Partners for official retail partnership in China

Published : Tuesday, May 2, 2023, 8:01 pm
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Liverpool FC are pleased to announce a new official retail partnership with All Star Partners (ASP) in China.

All Star Partners are a leading sports and e-commerce retail company in China, focussing on sports licensing, merchandising and retail for top global sports clubs and organisations. Their mission is to help and support brands to get involved in the booming Chinese market.

Working together, this new partnership will bring Chinese fans closer to the Reds with easier access to official retail merchandise via digital ecommerce marketplaces on the Tmall, Douyin and JD platforms.

This partnership will support LFC's ambitions for growth in China and the wider Asia-Pacific region. The club will collaborate with ASP on product development, market expansion, e-commerce development and growing the LFC fanbase in the market.

LFC already has a wide fan base in China linked to the 1989-90 season where local TV channels aired the highlights of the FA Cup final attracting Chinese fans to the club. The decades of support have continued to expand and the new e-commerce shop-in-shop will combine LFC's glory and history to the Chinese vibrant consumer market.

Mike Cox, Senior Vice President Merchandising at Liverpool FC, said, "This is a huge moment for LFC to have a new official retail partner in China, and to do this working alongside ASP. Together we can be closer to our Chinese supporters who now have easier access to official club merchandise.

"This partnership is helping to further grow our digital global retail business. We're looking forward to seeing what we can bring to the Chinese supporters and make them feel a part of the LFC family".

Luo Bin, CEO of ASP, said: "For us, it's a great honor to be an official retail partner of Liverpool FC in China. The Liverpool spirit of unity inspired generations of Chinese fans, many of them can even sing the song 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. So, we believe they deserve the best.

"We will bring them more and more great LFC official products, and make sure they will have shopping experiences better than ever. We are very confident that the Reds lifestyle and spirit will keep inspiring more fans in China."

A collection of LFC label product will be available at launch, with LFC x Nike product to follow later in the month.

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