Porsche Korea Exhibits the Finalists’ Art Works of ‘Porsche Dreamers. On.’ at Artium Exterior Media Wall at Seoul

Published : Friday, October 20, 2023, 2:22 pm
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Porsche Korea (CEO Holger Gerrmann) announced that the finalist works of the 'Porsche Dreamers. On.' media art project, 'Rainbow Bus Tour' and 'The Song of Re-Blooming Streets', will be displayed on the Artium exterior media wall located at the Samseong Trade Center.

Jeongtae Gim's ‘Rainbow Bus Tour’ and Youngkak Cho's ‘The Song of Re-Blooming Streets’ are the finalists of 'Porsche Dreamers. On. Media Art’, a project that has been started in April 2023 under the theme 'Dream' and 'Colour' of the city.

Following the previous year, ‘Porsche Dreamers. On. Media Art’ is Porsche Korea’s project with Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture to support the dreams of up-and-coming artists by connecting global art campaigns to public media art.

The two finalists work will be displayed at the largest media wall in Korea, the Artium exterior media wall located at the Samseong Trade Center until November 24th. Afterwards, they will be aired as a large digital signage 'Media Art Theater' using public locations of screens all around Seoul subway stations so that more citizens can enjoy the work.

Porsche Korea CEO Holger Gerrmann stated, "It was highly impressive seeing the finalists work articulating the colourful and vibrant city life in two very different ways." He also added, “We hope these media art works using the Porsche theme of ‘Dream’ and ‘Colour’ will brighten up the busy lives of citizens."

‘Rainbow Bus Tour’ is a 3D animation that makes full use of the imagination of Alpha generation born between 2010 and 2020. Unique objects created from about 20 children were digitalized with 3D scanning techniques maximizing dimensional senses expressed the rainbow bus floating in the skies of Seoul.

Jeongtae Gim said, "The 3D model objects in my video were created by the hands of children aged 7 to 13. I hope this project leads children to the joy of creating and encourages citizens to look back on their childhood dreams."

‘The Song of Re-Blooming Streets’ is an artwork that visually explores the direction of urban growth in a city that has entered an endemic society, using a database constructed by artificial intelligence. Changes of cities and its social connectivity are depicted in the prosperity and blossoming of plants.

Youngkak Cho said, "From KOSIS (Korea Statistical Information Service), I collected the fluctuating data of the pandemic and endemic phases and created this video with artificial intelligence.” He added, “I hope this video that was created by contemporary technology becomes a catalyst to enhance the changes and social connectivity of cities."

Together with the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Porsche Korea has supported the culture and art fields of Korea that energize the daily lives of citizens. Through continuous culture and art projects, Porsche Korea will persist on supporting various talents to accomplish their dreams.

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