The 5th Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival Kicks off

Published : Monday, December 11, 2023, 11:33 am
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The 5th Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival kicked off in Quanzhou on the evening of December 8. The festival was hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Fujian Provincial People's Government, and organized by the Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Quanzhou Municipal People's Government. The opening ceremony was graced by Wang Xudong, Member of the CPC Leading Party Members Group of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Director of the Palace Museum, Zhang Yan, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, Kang Tao, Member of the Leading Party Members Group of the Fujian Provincial Government, Zhang Yigong, Secretary of the CPC Quanzhou Municipal Committee, and Xiao Hanhui, Chairman of the Quanzhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, as well as guests from home and abroad and representatives from all walks of life. Wang Xudong announced the opening of the 5th Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival.

Before the opening ceremony, Zhang Yan met with Chinese and foreign artists. He hoped that the artists would take the opportunity of attending the arts festival to experience the diverse culture of Refreshing Fujian, add luster to the scenic and blessed land of Fujian with their artistic imagination and creativity, and inject the power of beauty into the promotion of cultural exchange and mutual learning.

In his speech, Kang Tao stated that the Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival focused on building a platform for cultural exchange and cooperation between China and countries and regions along the Belt and Road, adding a splendid touch to the joint construction of the Belt and Road, and contributing to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. Fujian will promote cooperation through culture, build consensus through exchange, and develop the arts festival into a "never-ending" event showcasing diverse culture and friendly exchange between people.

Zhang Yigong presided over the opening ceremony. The large-scale music and dance performance "Afar Miles of Maritime Silk Road - Zayton Love Across Time" was held at the ceremony. China Central Television host Ren Luyu, as a modern traveler, had conversations with Chinese and foreign historical figures closely related to Quanzhou such as Wang Dayuan, Zheng He, He Chaozong, and Marco Polo in world heritage sites, presenting the thousand-year development of Quanzhou on the international stage.

Themed "Appreciate the Beauty of Diverse Civilizations," this year's Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival consists of 12 activities in five main sections, including the "Beauty of Empathy", "Beauty of Music", "Beauty of Craftsmanship", "Beauty of Harmony", and "Beauty of Light," covering art, music, exhibition, dance, and artistic creations. It brought together 52 troupes and over 1,600 artists, experts, scholars, international friends, and media reporters from 43 countries and regions, sharing the platform of exchange, the arts event, and the festival for the people.

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