Porsche Korea Expands Social Outreach with the 'Porsche Do Dream' Campaign to Celebrate its 10th Anniversary

Published : Monday, February 26, 2024, 9:49 pm
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Porsche Korea (CEO Holger Gerrmann) announced that in celebration of the brand’s 10th anni-versary this year, it will further expand the scope of its CSR campaign 'Porsche Do Dream' to 10 programs across 5 different fields.

Entering its 8th year, 'Porsche Do Dream' has been offering tailored support to the Korean soci-ety across many different sectors, consistently delivering substantial improvements in various areas in alignment with its vision to be a brand for those who follow their dreams. To date, Por-sche Korea donated a total of 7.63 billion KRW to fulfill the dreams of 118 organizations and 31,417 individuals.

This year, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Porsche Korea's establishment, the brand plans to introduce ten distinctive programs in five core areas of social contribution: education, sports, arts and culture, environment, and society. This comprehensive approach aims to further contribute to the sustainable development of the next generations giving them possibilities to grow and fulfill their dreams, with a total donation sum of 1.75 billion KRW.


This year, Porsche Korea will introduce a new program in the field of 'Sports’. Through 'Porsches Turbo for Dream Football (working title),' the brand will focus on discovering and supporting promising young football talents. In collaboration with the International Sports Exchange Asso-ciation (ISEA), Porsche Korea will organize local and international football camps to provide chil-dren with the opportunity to experience and learn from coaches of the successful youth pro-gram of the VfB Stuttgart team, going beyond traditional training methods.

Arts and Culture

In the field of ‘Arts and Culture’, Porsche Korea will expand its support to encompass not only Korea's unique historical heritage but also focus on fine art, including ballet and emerging artistic sectors. This initiative aims to encapsulate the spirit of Porsche as a brand that embodies both innovation and tradition.

Porsche Korea will launch 'Porsches Turbo for Dream Ballet (working title)' in collaboration with ChildFund Korea (CFK). This initiative aims to provide talented individuals from low and moder-ate-income households and students pursuing ballet with opportunities for overseas training. Partnering with the prestigious John Cranko School in Stuttgart, Germany, renowned for its ex-cellence in ballet, the program will offer a diverse range of ballet camp activities, including ballet technique and contemporary dance workshops, and exclusive access to watch rehearsals of the world-class ballet troupe.

Continuing its support for the Intangible Cultural Heritage project in collaboration with the Ko-rean Cultural Heritage Foundation (KCHF), Porsche Korea will stay committed to facilitating the preservation of cultural heritage through the 'Porsche Future Heritage' program. The arts cate-gory will also be further diversified to support emerging artists across a broad spectrum of ar-tistic disciplines. Introducing 'Porsche Frontier' in partnership with the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC), Porsche Korea will establish a new category within the prestigious 'Seoul Arts Awards' dedicated to fine arts. This initiative aims to facilitate the discovery of outstanding works and support performances. Furthermore, Porsche Korea plans to build infrastructure for sustainable creative arts through supporting startup initiatives in the arts and culture industry.

Porsche Korea remains committed to supporting emerging artists through its global art cam-paign, 'Dreamers. On.' and will continue this commitment by partnering with the special exhibi-tion ‘Zoom-In’ at the oldest Korean art fair, ‘Galleries Art Fair’, scheduled for April this year. As part of this initiative, Porsche Korea aims to contribute to the art industry by collaborating with emerging Korean artists even after the exhibition, as shown through the Taycan Art Car produc-tion collaboration with Jen Park, the winner of the Porsche Special Award in 2023.


In the field of 'Education,' Porsche Korea will remain dedicated to the 'Dream Up' program with ChildFund Korea, aiming to nurture future generations. Particularly, Porsche Korea will extend its support by providing 280 million KRW in scholarships for 75 students in various fields, including arts and sports and job-seeking students with low income. Additionally, Porsche Korea will con-tinue the 'Dream Playground' project, which constructs indoor gymnasiums to promote the well-being and creativity of students.


Porsche Korea will also expand its activities for the Environment, highlighting the significance of ecological sustainability. Introducing 'Urban Green Space (working title)’ in collaboration with the Seoul Green Trust (SGT), the brand aims to contribute to the establishment of more environment friendly infrastructure, enhancing biodiversity conservation through the revitalization of old parks. Additionally, Porsche Korea will continue the 'Bee’lieve in Dreams' program, a bee garden project created for urban beekeeping, and further support the systematic development of eco-friendly ecological learning spaces within schools through public-private partnerships under the umbrella of the Porsche 'Dream Circle'.


Furthermore, Porsche Korea continues its commitment to addressing the pressing issue of school zone traffic safety in the 'Society' field by extending the 'Dream Smart Eye', a children’s accident prevention campaign through the usage of technology for the third consecutive year.

Porsche Korea CEO Holger Gerrmann stated, "The growth of Porsche Korea in the past decade has been fueled by the love and interest of our Korean customers and fans." He further empha-sized, "As we celebrate the special milestone of Porsche Korea's 10th anniversary this year, we will expand our social contribution programs even further across more areas, making more dreams reality and laying the groundwork for enhancing our commitment to the Korean society for the coming decade."

Over the years, Porsche Korea has been recognized for its numerous social contribution cam-paigns. In 2019, Porsche Korea became the first imported car brand to receive the Seoul Mayor's Commendation and in 2021, the brand was honored with the 'Arts Supporter Grand Prize ' award by Arts Council Korea. In 2023, Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea, was ap-pointed as an Honorary Citizen of Seoul for his contributions to society through the brand's campaigns. These accolades underscore Porsche Korea’s commitment and strong connection to the local community and the iconic brands drive as partner to society.

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